ARCHITEKTURTEILCHEN – an exhibition curated by Ayşin Ipekçi

Exhibition designed by STUDYO in collaboration with responsive design studio

Communication Design by großgestalten

The Museum für Angewandte Kunst Köln (MAKK) introduces a Year of Architecture for 2012. With a variety of exhibitions and special events for this theme, Architekturteilchen – Architectural Particle is the core performance focusing on the main principles of modular systems in the Digital Age. The aim is to promote a dialogue between the avant-garde of current planning methods and their historical background. Complementary to a historical overview on modular systems, the visitor will gain insight into methods of a modular approach, technological innovation and perspectives of the future. The structure of the exhibition follows the timeline of a production process: handcrafting, industrial and digital techniques.

[YOUNG HOUSE] magazin










STUDYO in [YOUNG HOUSE] magazin recently published by Reinhart Wustlich with…

West Arch – A New Generation in Architecture an exhibition in Ludwig Forum für Internationale Kunst in Aachen where STUDYO as one of 25 architecture offices participated in 2010

…about the New Campus Project for Bezalel Academy in Jerusalem, Israel

HYBRIStanbul – Architektur zwischen den Generationen – written by Ayşin Ipekçi



…Neue Deutsche Architekturtendenzen is a seminar for students hosted by the Architecture Department at Bochum University of Applied Sciences analyzing selected German architecture offices and their work – among them STUDYO. The results will be displayed in an exhibition in the fall 2011.